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We are a group of passionate and experienced educators based in U.K. who are dedicated to nurturing the enthusiastic and  curious mind through enriching programmes, tailored for overseas children.

We have a team of professionals in respective fields which could provide advice on education in U.K., for example, British Universities selection and course options, public exam preparation, boarding school selection. 

 We also have years of experience running English holiday camps and participants could be assured of getting a versatile, vibrant. unforgettable learning experience in United Kingdom. Please contact us to explore more.

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包括入學諮詢考試安排參觀學校 監護人服務


Tonbridge School 優質學習營:
為9⾄15歲以上的學生們提供激勵性的學術,⽂化和社交課程, 體驗英國名校寄宿生活。
2020 各暑期學習營均已取消。    2021年學習營資料將於稍後公佈。
2020 Bespoke Summer Programs

I. The Headstart Program

II. The Future Leader Program

III: The STEM Program

Due to Covid-19, all Summer Camps are now called off. Please stay tuned for our announcement on 2021 programs.

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